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Get to Know Us

SCHARLY DESIGNER STUDIO+ is our award-winning design branch based in Miami that has earned an extensive client list for their flexible and diverse range of work in the design industry, including engaging design for Brands, Manufacturers, or Cultural institutions. 

The studio is focusing on climate change, technological innovation and artificial intelligence dedicate to advanced manufacturing.

SCHARLY DESIGNER STUDIO+ brings contemporary design and innovation to its projects through the use of Generative Design with Autodesk technologies and PNY / NVIDIA solutions.

Design projects in the studio are designed with the latest collaborative technologies, and are 'ISV Certified' in the design industry. 

We also understand the accountability creators must take on during the design process in order to protect the environment from further toxicity, for this reason, the company has shown consistent focus on eco-friendliness and Montreal 2030 agreement since its start up in 2007. 

The studio works on 3D Printing and advanced manufacturing solutions for its prototypes to support and advance the design community.

The studio is award-winner and was presented in a variety of exhibitions, including: the 2010 World’s Fair in Shanghai ‘Better City, Better Life,’ the 2016 Architectural Biennale of Venice ‘Nouvelles Richesses, MoMa Shanghaï, and in Centre Pompidou or Palais de Tokyo in Paris.

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